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Feb. 16th, 2011


Update Post

Wow, what a busy time it's been! I need to post more often.

Dec. 14th, 2008


Interesting times ...

The end of the year is getting very close now, and it seems like once we turn to 2009, many things will change forever. Any day now Jack will cease to really be a newsie and become a husband. His life has already changes, just like mine has, but I have a feeling a family will follow very close behind a marriage.

And there's so much more happening. Gotham City is on the verge of something. And it's something different than what everyone expected . . .

Nov. 22nd, 2008



I love moderating stuff at the gotham_newsies community. I've been lax in not setting up the profile page, but at least I got Jack motivated to do a couple icons and to add the html code to make the profile a little nicer. I couldn't change the font to courier myself, but he managed to do it pretty easily.

And I wrote a drabble on the 'new' challenge (which is more than halfway finished at this point).

I also added some tags and tagged a couple entries that needed it done.

I can't believe I've stayed up all night journaling. I haven't heard even a snore out of Bryan in hours.

If only I could afford my own computer. Maybe someday!

Oct. 15th, 2008



Jack told me something today that really took me by surprise.

I knew he had struck up a friendship with Bruce Wayne. Evidently he ran into the guy parked somewhere in an alley, asleep at the wheel of his Italian sports car. And Wayne was sick or something, running a fever, too out of his head to really know where he was. Jack helped him get home, helped him navigate or something.

Jack couldn't drive him home, of course, because like most newsies, Jack doesn't drive. Especially a stick, like the Lamborghini Bruce Wayne drives. But everybody knows the way to the building where Wayne has his two-story penthouse.

So, I knew Jack had met the guy and even gone home with him. And Racetrack kidded that maybe Jack had done more, you know, helped Bruce Wayne to bed or something. I mean, after all, the guy wasn't feeling well. But Racetrack said Jack made him a big loan on a gambling debt, and there was no way Jack could have had the six bills it took to pay off the debt, unless he got the money somewhere. And Racetrack owed it to Maroni himself!

Still, I know Jack, and there are some things he won't do for money ~

Anyway, Jack hadn't told me much more. I've been busy with school and the job Bryan got me at the Gotham Times, so I haven't seen as much of Jack.

Still, you could have knocked me over with a feather today when Jack made his big announcement! He texted me to meet Racetrack and him at the McDonald's near City Hall, and we were gonna get coffee or something to eat. Then it was so cold, Jack wanted to go directly to Wayne's place. He said he had something big to tell me.

So we headed uptown.

Bryan's calling! Gotta stop for now ~ more later.